88 Year Old World Table Tennis Champ


I hope my older clients, and their caregivers, are inspired by this post about Lisa Modlich, an 88-year-old American, senior athlete, and world table tennis champion from Houston, Texas.   

During most of her life, she played outdoor tennis, but switched to indoor table tennis around 20 years ago.

Modlich maintains an active lifestyle, and advises others to get up and keep moving.

Ping Pong: You’re Never Too Old For Gold,  is the title of a new PBS documentary, making its U.S. premier on September 9, 2013.

The film covers Modlich’s career, along with several other senior table tennis athletes, who range in age from 81 and up.

Dorothy De Low, is a 100-year-old former world table tennis champion from Australia.  Known as The Grand Old Lady of table tennis, she started playing after her husband passed away.  Watch a clip of her game on You Tube.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore, and Blue Moon Personal Training

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