Pilates For Figure Skaters

Figure skating is a demanding, aesthetic sport that requires concentration, agility, power, core strength, flexibility, and balance.   Each of these attributes are the essence of the Pilates method of exercise.

Core strength stabilizes, coördinates, and balances the entire body during figure skating.

Upright Pilates exercises performed while standing on an unstable surface, mimics the skaters position, and experience while on ice.

Off ice creative use of core strengthening equipment during standing Pilates, simulates the skating experience in the rink.

Gliders, sliders and even towels replicate the ice, while developing the skater’s core muscles, challenging their balance, and improving flexibility.

Dynamic power begins with the the core.  The outer muscles may be strong, but those smaller muscles that support the spine and pelvis come into play during skating.  Balancing on one foot, Jumps, spins, spirals require supreme strength in the core.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

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