Spelt: A Healthy Wheat Alternative

What Is Spelt?

Spelt Grains
Spelt Grains

Spelt is an ancient grain, with a nutty flavor.  It looks just like wheat, but it’s much easier to digest.  Spelt is high in manganese, fiber, phosphorus, vitamin B3, magnesium and protein.

There are two types of spelt flour: whole grain, and unbleached all-purpose.  The former being more nutritious and higher in fiber, but also has a somewhat bitter taste.

If you’re accustomed to baking with wheat flour, especially working with pie dough, spelt flour will be a challenge, because it tends to crumble.

Where To Buy Spelt Bread

Local health food stores, Whole Foods Market, and Trader Joe’s sell spelt bread.  Spelt products are not likely to be found on standard supermarket shelves.

Why Should You Eat Spelt Bread

Spelt is easier to digest than common wheat.  People who suffer from wheat allergies tend to tolerate spelt, and don’t experience reactions.

Spelt contains gluten.  However, celiacs who cannot tolerate gluten have had success consuming spelt.

Where To Buy Spelt Flour and Spelt Products

Bulk spelt flour is sold in local health food stores, and co-op food markets.  Whole Foods Market sells packaged Arrowhead Mills whole spelt flour.  

Other than bread, spelt is used to make pasta, pretzels, cookies, bagels, hamburger and hot dog buns.  These products are more costly than standard wheat pasta, snacks and breads.

Spelt Brand Name Products

These brands are sold in many health food stores.  Whole Foods Market carries them as well.

  • Rudi’s Bakery
  • Vita-Spelt
  • Bread Alone
  • Berlin Natural Bakery

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