Quick Tip: 10 Tips To Avoid Injury At The Gym




Start your routine with a warm-up.  Spend 10 minutes on a cardio machine, and work up to a light sweat.  

COOL-DOWN: Finish your routine with stretching.  Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.

WEIGHT MACHINES: Most machines have instructions, and illustrations showing proper body alignment.  Read the instructions so that you know how to use each machine.  If you need more help, ask a floor trainer.


  • Do not lift more weight than you can handle.  If your face turns beet red, and you can’t breathe, you’re lifting too much weight.  Overexertion leads to injury.
  • Do not swing dumbbells.  When weights are too heavy for your level of strength, you’re going to resort to swinging them instead of lifting.
  • Learn how to control free weights.  Barbells and dumbbells, known as free weights,  are more difficult to use than weight machines, because you have to control the weight while using correct alignment.  An out-of-control barbell is very dangerous to you and the people working around you.
  • If you’re new to lifting, start with machines, not free weights.


If you need advice, ask a trainer.  Gym members are not a reliable source of information.  Just because they belong to your gym, doesn’t mean they know any more than you do.


Let your instructor know if you have injuries before the class starts.  Ask their advice on whether the class is suitable for your level.  


Always wear athletic footwear when training.  Proper footwear gives your feet support, and protects them from injury.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

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