Running Marathons Past 90

Like they say, it’s never too late.  Jonathan Mendes 93, runs marathons in New York City.  He started running at 46, after quitting smoking two packs a day.   He stands 5’6″, and weighs 160 lbs.  He says you must have goals in life, and it’s no disgrace to fail, only not to try.

Mendes got motivated to exercise after his doctor told him that he’d lose the desire to smoke, if he ever saw the diseased lungs of a smoker during an autopsy.  With that, Mendes quit cold turkey.

Soon after he started jogging with a neighbor, and then took to running longer distances as he got stronger.

Read the full story, After 90 Years What’s Another Marathon? in the November 6, 2010 issue of the New York Times.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore, and Blue Moon Personal Training

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