Hopeless Cancer Cured Naturally

Alan Taylor, 78

This is an inspiring story of a man whose cancer had progressed beyond hope from traditional medical therapies.

Alan Taylor, a 78 year-old Britain was determined to stay positive, and find his own cancer cure.

He was at the end of the line.  Chemotherapy or operative surgery were no longer options.

The spunky senior searched the internet for alternative methods to cleanse his body of cancer.

He made changes in his diet, dropping meat and diary.  He says he owes his life to eating raw fruits and vegetables, and drinking barley grass juice.

Click the link to read the entire story from the September 16th issue of the Daily Mail.

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4 thoughts on “Hopeless Cancer Cured Naturally

  1. I’m the 78 yearold grandfather who cured himself any one who needs information just e-mail me
    There is two ll in Allan


    1. hello allan my name is suzie and I am contacting you on behalf of my partner who’s mother has been diagnosed with liver cancer. We visited the health shop today and coulby newham where Val and Jo told us all about you and your miraculous recovery and we would be ever so grateful if we could talk to you with the hope of further insight and treating his mother. I sincerely hope this is not inconveniencing you and if possible either e-mail him direct ben01000@hotmail.com his name is Antony or tepehone on 07834987292 and he would happily call you back.

      Thank you ever so much for taking the time to help others

      kind regards
      suzie (suziehedges16@hotmail.com)


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