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This is an educational blog.  The intention is to help visitors learn about healthy living, so they can make positive changes.  Keep in mind that your comments may help someone else.  When commenting, please adhere to the guidelines.  If you don’t, your comments won’t be published here. 


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation: If your post contains several spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors, it won’t be published.  If the administrator doesn’t understand your comments, neither will visitors. Don’t make it difficult to decipher your writing.

Comments: If you disagree with the post, back it up with proof.  Quote a reliable source.  If you disagree, explain your reason for saying so.

Opinion:  Offer your opinions based on your own experience.  For example, if you lost weight, tell us how you did it.  If the information on this blog helped you, or a family member,  please tell us about it.  Your comments may help other visitors improve their health and fitness.

Attitude: Please keep your comments positive.   A positive attitude sets the tone for this blog.  It welcomes visitors seeking information about health, fitness, and wellness.

Many Thanks!

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