Kangoo Jumps: Trampolines On Your Feet

KANGOO JUMPS: Space Age Exercise


Kangoos look like NASA space boots, or something out of Star Trek.  They feel like trampolines on your feet, and make you jump like a kangaroo.  They defy gravity, are fun to use, and may start a conversation when worn outdoors.

The Kangoo Jumps were invented as a recreational device for athletes recovering from leg injuries.  Kangoos provide low impact cardio exercise for men and women.  Here’s a glowing article from the Daily Mail about Kangoo Jumps.


  • Running and Jogging: Less impact reduces joint stress up to 80 percent on ankles, knees, hips and spine.
  • Weight Loss: Raises your heart rate, and burns calories.
  • Cardiovascular: Provides aerobic workout for the heart.

Injuries may result from improper landing, equipment malfunction, or overuse.  Be aware, that equipment can break.  Kangoo Jumps are not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone with balance problems.

If you have any doubts about wearing Kangoo Jumps, find another type of cardiovascular exercise.  Just because your friends are loving it, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Click on the link to discover more ways to work your heart, and burn off calories.  20 Low Impact Calorie Burning Exercises.

Information in this post is educational.  It should not be used to replace medical advice from your physician, or other healthcare provider.

The information described in this post is not meant to replace the guidance of a personal trainer, in a live setting.  Exercises performed incorrectly may result in injury.

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