How To Avoid Overuse Injuries

An overuse injury is a chronic irritation to a body part. Other names for overuse injuries are repetitive stress injuries, and cumulative trauma injuries.  Unlike acute injuries that are caused by a single traumatic event, overuse injuries happen over time.  An overuse injury may involve tendons, bones, joints, or muscles.

Anyone involved in sports, or recreational activities.  Older adults are more susceptible.

Tennis Elbow, Swimmer’s Shoulder, Runner’s Knee, Jumper’s Knee, Achilles Tendonitis, ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome), and Shin Splints.

Improper technique while swinging a golf club, or throwing a ball.  Incorrect lifting during strength training. Muscle imbalance.  Old injuries not fully rehabilitated. Limited range of motion.  Taking on too much exercise, too soon.  Partaking in only one type of physical activity. An overload of intensity, duration, or frequency in your chosen sport or activity. Too much of one type of physical activity.

Rest, and allow your body to recover.  Strength train to build a solid foundation for your chosen sport.  Use the correct technique in your sport or activity.  Pay attention to how you feel, and don’t work yourself into pain.  Warm up, and cool down.  Stretch after your activity.  Don’t take on too much, too soon. Wear proper shoes, and use correct equipment. Don’t be in a hurry. Progress gradually giving your body a chance to adapt. Vary your exercise routine by adding other activities such as walking, bicycling, water jogging, Pilates swimming, or Yoga, so that you work all major muscles, and your core.  Rotate your routine in order to use different muscle groups.

Information in this post is educational.  It should not be used to replace medical advice from your physician, or other healthcare provider.

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