Is Sugar Toxic?

250-289 Calories Each and .76 Grams Fiber

I apologize if the photograph of glazed jelly donuts, made your mouth water.  To satisfy your sweet tooth, have an apple while you read this post.  A medium apple contains about 70 calories, and 4.0 grams of fiber.

Since the donuts are very low in fiber, you  might still be hungry, after wolfing down all three. 

Added sugar isn’t getting good press.  The problem is that we consume too much of it.  Unless you prepare your own food, it’s hard to avoid.  Canned, frozen, boxed, fast, and restaurant food are loaded with added sweeteners.

Is sugar toxic?  This question is addressed by Gary Taubes, in an April 2011 New York Times article.  It’s refuted by the Sugar Association in a CNN article, “Sugar Industry Responds To Controversial Idea.”  On Today Health, nutrition scientist, Dr. David Katz, says, “It’s not sugar that’s the poison, but the dose that makes the poison.”

The taste of sugar is an irresistible flavor.  It may cause you to overeat.  Consuming more calories than you need, leads to overweight, and obesity.  Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

Get your sugar from fresh fruit, instead of cookies, cakes, and snack food.  Cut down on buying packaged food.  Fresh vegetables also contain natural sugar.  When you reduce, or eliminate food with added sugar, you’ll be able to appreciate the natural sweetness in fresh food.

Information in this post is educational.  It should not be used to replace medical advice from your physician, or other healthcare provider.

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