Hiking Accident Prevention: The Hazards of Mountain Crevasses

A color photograph of a crevasse at the Mendenhall Glacier in Tongass National Forest, Alaska.

Crevasse At Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

A crevasse is an opening in glacial ice. Some crevasses are not obvious, since they’re covered with snow. Falling into a crevasse is a harrowing experience. Some falls may be fatal.


EastIdahoNews.com 8/13/20 Young father who survived horrifying fall into glacier speaks from hospital bed, By Nate Eaton. Video and story.

RocketMiner.com via Wyoming News Exchange 8/22/20 On the Teton Glacier, determined climbers save an Evanston man’s life, By Mike Koshmrl. This is the same story as above. It details the full story of how he fell into a crevasse, his rescue by fellow climbers, the helicopter rescue, and his hospital stay.

National Parks Traveler.org 6/30/20 Missing Climber Died In Crevasse on Mt. Rainier, Will Remain There, By NPT Staff. Hazardous mountain conditions unsafe for recovery team.

InsideHalton.com 10/26/20 Multiple injuries: Woman rushed to trauma centre after 50-foot fall in Burlington, By David Lea.

KomoNews.com 9/16/19 Climber credits quick thinking, luck after surviving crevasse fall on Mount Rainier, By Keith Eldridge

NYPost.com 10/30/20 Body of missing Oregon climber found in crevasse on Mount Hood, By Joshua Rhett Miller

CBSNEWS.com 1/9/15 Snowmobiler stuck in freezing ravine wrote goodbye notes to family, By CBS/AP. (This is a related story about a snowmobiler who survived after falling into a ravine).

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