Hiking Accident Prevention: Why Trees Fall On Hikers

S T O R I E S  P A S T  A N D  P R E S E N T

How To Avoid Falling Tree Hazards On The Trail

In late December 2018, a 45 year-old woman was killed by a falling tree, while hiking with her husband and three children in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

In 2015 a Pennsylvania man, was killed on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, when wind caused a dead tree to fall.

The health of our forests plays a role in trees dying and falling.  The articles listed below cover this topic.

On an uplifting note, I’ve listed two articles about beneficial aspect of trees and human health. One is a USDA report published in April 2015, and the other is a USDA blog post published in June 2019.  See the last two articles below.

 N E W S  A R T I C L E S

NYPost.com 3/29/21 Parents of Five Killed When Redwood Tree Falls On Their Car In California By Kenneth Garger

OutsideOnline.com  10/9/19  Hikers: Beware Of Falling Trees, By Taylor Gee

WATE.com – Hiker In Great Smoky Mountains National Park Struck And Killed By Falling Tree Due To High Winds, 12/31/18

National Parks Traveler.org Appalachian Trail Hiking Death Prompts Call For Hikers To Be Safety-Minded On The Trail 3/25/15

National Parks Service 8/28/19 Tree Mortality Can Cause Hazardous Conditions

PressHerald.com Pennsylvania Folk Singer Killed By Falling Tree On Appalachian Trail 3/16/15

US Forest Service Hazard Trees

WTA.org (Washington Trails Association) When A Tree Falls In The Woods – Reducing Your Risk From Falling Trees 3/5/18

FS.USDA.gov (USDA Forest Service) Safety In The Woods: Caves, Waterfalls, Hazard Trees, Getting Lost

FS.FED.US USDA Research Review No. 26 April 2015 Trees Improve Human Health and Well-Being In Many Ways

USDA.GOV 6/3/19 – The Power Of One Tree – The Very Air We Breath

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Trip Planning Resources For Hikers and Backpackers

Irene Pastore, is a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness blogger, health educator, and speaker. She has 25 years experience teaching exercise in New York City.  For her complete bio, visit the About Page.  

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