How To Prevent Hiking Accidents


  1. Getting lost on the trail, especially under extreme weather conditions.
  2. Unprepared for changes in the weather.
  3. Failure to learn about altered terrain conditions before your hike.
  4. Improper clothing and footwear.
  5. Insufficient food or water.
  6. Hiking under inadvisable weather conditions.
  7. Failure to bring necessary equipment, and equipment for possible emergencies.


Elizabeth Bervel dies hiking the wave in the Utah-Arizona border.   7/23/13

UCSD professor found dead on San Diego hiking trail.  7/6/13

Hiker dies after falling 12 feet while hiking the Snohomish County trail in Washington.  7/29/13

Hiker and two sons found dead on Missouri hiking trail.  1/14/13

Located in Pasadena, California, Eaton Canyon death toll rises.   8/9/11

Eaton Canyon death toll is five in two years. 5/5/13


Be prepared for changes in the weather: a drop in temperature, a sudden rainstorm, or heavy rains blocking out the trail

Be prepared for heat if you’re hiking in the desert.  Forego your trip if you know you can’t tolerate heat for long periods of time.

Be prepared for missing trail signs.  Always bring a map, and a compass to get direction.

Bring lightweight clothing that will keep you warm, and raingear to keep you dry.

Bring reliable flashlights.


Educate yourself before going out on the trail.   Whether it’s a day hike or a longer backpack into the high country, being prepared for your trip keeps your journey uninterrupted and safe.

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Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

One thought on “How To Prevent Hiking Accidents

  1. really good stuff good to know, didnt realize that many people get lost or killed just going for a daily hike, good to rememeber expect the best prepare for the worst, remember seeing on tv people hiking up some mountain (can’t remember where in usa) got caught in severe thunderstorm and while trying to seek shelter under some rocks only to be struck by lightening and I believe a couple of them died, but anyway never hike unprepared.


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