Quick Tip: Weight Loss Conversation

Personal Reasons For Weight Loss

Literally, or figuratively, look in the mirror.  Tell yourself one or more good reasons why you want to lose weight.

Write About It

Take one of those good reasons, and write a few sentences about your feelings.  If the writing flows, stay with it, and continue to write.  If you enjoy this process, start a Weight Loss Diary.

Start Your Own Weight Loss Coffee Club

Do you know other people like yourself who want to lose weight?  Form your own Weight Loss Coffee Club.  Have the members of your group do the writing exercises. Share your stories during your Weight Loss Coffee Club meetings.

Invite Guests To Your Club

Do you know friends, family or co-workers who have lost weight?  Invite them to your Weight Loss Coffee Club meetings to tell their weight loss stories.  Success stories will inspire and motivate everyone in your group.

Make It Fun and Informal

  • Forming your own informal weight loss group can be fun and educational. 
  • Go food shopping together.  Read food labels, compare ingredients.
  • Make a date to go out to eat.  Help one another to make healthy food choices. 
  • Take an exercise class with a buddy from your group.
  • Everyday go out for a brisk walk with a friend.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

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