The Robot Suitcase: No Muscle Needed

The Robot Suitcase Takes The Work Out of Traveling

The latest invention to take the work out of traveling, is the robot suitcase.  Named, “The Hop”, it requires no carrying, and uses a bluetooth signal on your smart phone to move alongside you.

The Hop suitcase is another modern convenience that takes the muscle out of daily living.  Electric knives, can openers, popcorn makers, peelers, and all sorts of kitchen gadgets require little effort.  Just plug it in and go.

Americans are so habituated to their cars, that they drive on short around-the-corner errands, instead of walking. Car dependency is linked to obesity.

Sometimes products are created to fill a need that doesn’t exist.  Once it’s on the market, everyone thinks they need one.  For thousands of years everyone got along without cell phones, tablets and wifi.

Americans are getting fatter and sicker.  Most aren’t getting enough exercise, and 68 percent are overweight or obese. We don’t need more gadgets to take the work out of daily living.

The Hop hasn’t reached the market, so you’ll have to wait before you can buy one.

For more reading check out “Lazy Luggage: Is a ‘robotic suitcase’ the future of travel?”, from The Mail Online.

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