Study: By 2030 Most Americans Fatter and Sicker

A recent report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Trust For America’s Health reveals an upward trend in obesity in the United States.

By 2030, thirteen states could have an adult obesity rate above 60 percent, and 39 states could have obesity rates above 50 percent.

Obesity related diseases will increase, along with health care costs, as obesity rates climb.  The report, F As In Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2012, shows two futures for America’s health.  A grim outlook based on current statistics, and a brighter future if measures are taken to reduce the alarming rate of obesity.

More on the subject from Reuters Health News, The Facts Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic, and Fat and Getting Fatter: U.S. Obesity Rates To Soar By 2030.

While obesity is a national problem, rates are highest in the south and midwest.  By today’s forecast, the state of Mississippi will lead the nation in obesity rates, since it is now the fattest state in the country.

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