Hearty Buckwheat-Lentil Soup

Have Fun WithThis Quick Vegan Recipe. Build It According to Your Own Taste. Prepare A Sufficient Amount So That You Have Enough For Several Meals.
A bowl of cooked lentil and buckwheat with carrots, potatoes and broccoli, and a slice of artisan bread on the side.
Buckwheat is a gluten-free, fast cooking seed. Lentils are high in fiber, and protein, and are also gluten-free.
Raw Buckwheat is Sold In Bulk In Food Co-ops and Health Food Stores
Lentils Are Available In Green, Brown, Black, Yellow and Red Varieties. They are Fast Cooking. Presoaking Isn’t Required.
For Flavor Enhancement, Add Sauteed or Raw Bell Peppers, Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Garlic, Chopped Raw Scallions, or Sauteed Mushrooms
BUCKWHEAT AND LENTILS COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: 1 cup of buckwheat to 1 1/2 cups cold water. 1 cup lentils to 2 cups water. Cook time is about 20 minutes for buckwheat, and about 20 minutes for lentils. These are the basic ingredients. Then add anything else you’d like, to enhance the flavor of your high protein meal. Additional spices are black pepper, cayenne, or cumin. Store in refrigerator.

5 Quick Meat Substitutes

Boca Burgers

Grill these heart-healthy burgers, instead of burgers made from meat.  Boca Burgers come in several flavors, and are made from soy, veggies, cheeses and seasonings.  Protein: 14 grams per serving (one burger).

Light Life Tofu Pups

The original vegetarian hot dog made from soy.  They cook faster than meat-based hot dogs, and contain no cholesterol or nitrates.  Protein: 7 grams per serving (one hot dog).

Tufurky Vegan Deli Slices

Lunch meat sandwich alternative to meat. Available in Roast Beef, Peppered, Oven Roasted, Hickory Smoked, Bologna Style, and Italian.  Protein: 13 grams per serving (5 slices).

MorningStar Farms Veggie Bacon Strips

Smoky flavored strips that tastes just like bacon.  Sautée to a crisp texture, and add to sandwiches or have them with your breakfast meal.  Protein: 2 grams per serving (2 strips).

Trader Joe’s Chickenless Mandarin Orange Morsels

Asian inspired entrée made from soy, wheat, grains and veggies. Serve it with rice or noodles and your favorite green veggie.  Protein: 16 grams per serving (10 pieces).

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